Day 11 – Failing machines, again

The new lawnmower is broken. And the newly fixed car is making a strange sound. Every time you turn left you hear a low humming sound. We had a mechanic look at it the past week but he couldn’t find any source to it. Today I drove to another mechanic. He inspected the car, removed some old plastic and said it was fixed. I payed, drove away and in the first turnaround I heard the same sound again. I went back. He did another inspection and guess what, he couldn’t figure out what’s wrong. So now where back at square one. Cars. You love them (except the pollution) when they run as they should, when they don’t you loath them. I really dream about a world without failing machines and vehicles.

One good thing is that I have now entered a five week long vacation! Yay!

Started it with a bike ride to the nearest store with my youngest son. Out here in the countryside it’s about five kilometers of gravel roads. We had a good time. The weather was a bit chilly and cloudy but the skies was magnificent.