Off work.

Hello everyone, it’s been a while. I have been working and doing all kinds of stuff you do when you are living with a wife and threes kids. I try to read books and long stories in papers and magazines, I walk a lot but the running, well, that’s not for me right now. I find it hard to find the motivation. It’s the autumn coming. The dark nights and the tiredness. I am usually pretty good on finding the small things making the every day life a bit more shiny, but the latest couple of weeks I have just been tired. Luckily my wife isn’t too hard on me.

I cooked for the seven people earlier today. My daughter had two friends over for dinner. I made a vegetarian stew. It was alright. Not fantastic, not awful.

Since I first found out about w.a I have been reading tmo.. He’s the most frequent blogger of all and for that he deserves respekt (sorry got that in swedish). Tmo is very much into simplicity and so am I. Yesterday I wrote I’m not going to make the 100daystooffload challenge and that immediately gave me back my inspiration. I will keep this blog in English and I’m going to write whenever I want to, about whatever I want. Books might be a subject I’ll return to. Right now I am reading two novels at the same time: Maja Lundgren “Myggor och tigrar” and Klas Östergren “Renegater”. None of those titles are available in English unfortunately. The latter might be interesting for an international audience, it’s a novel based on the true story about the author’s exit from the committee of the Nobel prize in literature.

The 100days thing is not going to happen I guess but that's not because I don't like to blog, it's because I can't stick to this one platform. I still like but for the moment I like Bearblog more. Why? I guess it's because it's a bit ugly and has a home made feeling around it. Well, I'll be back here as well sooner or later, and if you are into swedish I'll keep on blogging over at Andreas och björnen as well.

It’s wrong to say the autumn is here for real, but the feeling of autumn is nevertheless present. Working from home makes life extra slow. I like being less stressed in my everyday life but I also miss the variation. You have to organise everything yourself. There’s no action for free. That’s what autumn is. One good thing though is that I’m going in to the office today to do a rehearsal. Tomorrow am taking part in a production called Omstart Sverige (Restart Sweden), some sort of a webinar for business people and politicians. My job is to manage a chat forum where the audience can ask questions to the panelists.

Day 24 – Met an old colleague

Had a good day at work today, I feel that way because I got to leave the house and go to a press meeting for a couple of hours. The meeting was about a new piece of public art that covers a whole wall on a new office building in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm. Me and the artist Jesper Nyrén had a talk and he told me the picture is originally made out of a photo he took of a diamond shaped piece of glass hanging from a tree in a thin wire.

I also met an old colleague, Lars Epstein, the old school reporter and photographer who covers everything that is worth a short piece on his blog that is sponsored by Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper. It was talking to him again. It’s been a while.


Day 23 – last week off work starting

It’s been a strange summer. The weather hasn’t been what you wish for, July in Sweden being the coldest for sixty years, and the covid-19 situation has really been holding us back when it comes to hanging out with people. The last couple of days we’ve been seeing my wife’s mother. We rented her a room at nearby so she doesn’t have to sleep in our small house, still we’ve been able to hang out together during the days. Mostly outside. She being at risk with bad lungs and it would be fatal if she caught the virus. It’s been good days though. During spring she’s suffering from being in self chosen lockdown back at her house in another part of Sweden, and it’s been doing both her and us good to see alot of each other for some days.


The afternoon today has been warm and sunny and the family is hanging out at the beach when I am writing this on my iPhone. It’s a good Saturday.

I guess I failed the hundred days challenge. It’s ten days since I wrote here. But to my defence I’ve been blogging a lot over at one of my Swedish blogs instead. The last couple of days me and me family have been down in the southeast of Sweden to stay in a house that’s my parents own together with some other relatives. It is a beautiful part of Sweden. I have put together a photo album over at Please have a look..

I just read Maiques blog and he dedicated todays post to graffiti and street art because its street art day on his blog. I’ll do the same. I like Maique and I like street art so I put together a photo album on where I’ll post all my street art photos from now on. The pictures presented there now are taken in Stockholm and New York.


*** This is the twentyfirst day of my #100DaysToOffload challenge, which you can read more about here.

I missed yesterday. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. It passed midnight before I got to think about the hundred days challenge. I might finish it anyway but it will forever be a missed day. It hurts.

All guests gone. Had a nice lunch at a camping restaurant. Did some lawnmowing (fixed the old one) and took the kids ro the store to buy some candy. Life goes on.

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